Friends like these…

There are so many beautiful friendships we read of in the Bible, my favorite is between Jonathan and David. The love they shared leaves me in chills every time I read or hear about it.

I was inspired by the passage about David and Jonathan in I Samuel 23 verse 14 to 17.

So the background of the story is that David, a young shepard boy became a hero to his people by slaying a giant (Goliath) who insulted the God of Isreal. He then won favor in the sight of King Saul and this is how he became close to Jonathan who was Saul’s son. As the story goes on Saul becomes jealous of David as he become great in the battlefield by Gods grace and Saul starts to seek David out to kill him…

Verse 14
And David abode in the wilderness in strong holds, and remained in a mountain in the wilderness of Ziph. And Saul sought him every day, but God delivered him not into his hand.

Saul “sought” David, that literally means that he searched for him, he desired to find him and this was his DAILY pursuit. What could David have done to Saul to become his daily mission, the matter was so personal to him that he had to do it himself rather than sending someone after him.
In life we also find situations that are like Saul, that seem to seek us out on a daily basis, and it feels as though life has a personal vendetta against us. It may be sickness, an addiction, debt, a person anything that may seem to be following us behind restlessly. The verse doesn’t stop there though it goes on to say BUT GOD! It cancels, nullifies all that came before it and gives a new feel to that verse and brings in comfort and reassurance. That’s what happens when God when swoops into a situation, He changes whatever has happened in the past and makes a new narration to our lives.
“But God delivered him not” To deliver means to hand over, or to surrender something to someone. I feel like that shows God had David and that God was at will to hand him to Saul but He didn’t! We serve a sovereign God who has us in the palm of His hands and we can never be pulled out of His hand!

Verse 16
And Jonathan Saul’s son arose, and went to David into the wood, and strengthened his hand in God.

Can you see what God did? He revealed David to Jonathan (aka Saul who wants to kill him’s son!!). That’s just how much of substance their friendship was in Gods eyes, that He could take David out of hiding and it was with purpose, because our God is intentional!
Jonathan “strengthened David’s hand in God”, that’s just so beautiful to imagine! Other translations say that he encouraged him in the Lord, Jonathan was that friend who edified David. In the middle of the chaos of being hunted the son of his hunter is the one to bring him to a calm and revive his spirit.
Iron sharpeneth iron, the company we keep is so important for many reasons and this is one of them, that they may constantly keep us in check, renewing our strength and edifying us in God.

Verse 17
And he said unto him, Fear not: for the hand of Saul my father shall not find thee; and thou shalt be king over Israel, and I shall be next unto thee; and that also Saul my father knoweth.

Jonathan is just amazing! He was just so Spirit lead! He speaks with such boldness and authority in this verse, I love it! He tells David not to be scared, I’m sure David was thinking, “what? Not with your dad searching high and low for me!”(lol). Anyway, his words carried assurance to David and allowed his heart to be still and they must have waved whatever fear he had away.
The verse goes on to say that Saul knew that David would be king and that he would not find him, yet he carried on with his pursuit. I’ve realized that at times I find myself avoiding, and trying to escape certain truth and realities that God puts before me, its almost like I think my will would prevail over His. We cannot rewrite what the author of our lives has already written about us, that’s why its called a predetermined destiny! His words about us remain ever true and the same, we need to embrace it because it all works for our good!

Good Friends



For so long, I had jailed myself behind the bars of anxiety and closed myself within the walls of worry so tightly that I thought that I could depend on myself to make provision because I thought that I had a vision but there’s not much vision from a window pane, of a prison is there?
I had this habit of always worrying about what tomorrow would bring or whether I would have anything into tomorrow to bring, unwittingly escalating my load while trying to lessen it

Someone asked me a question once, and it echoed so loudly in my mind that I had to be still and find an answer. I was asked why you worry so much about tomorrow today, why don’t you let tomorrow take care of tomorrow and today of today.
I wondered if that was possible, for me to walk into tomorrow like it was a completely separate entity from today, when my mind had been set to think that our days fall on each other like Dominos.
Truth be said, what we do today does affect tomorrow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to live a chained life trying to cater for something that was never even promised to us in the first place.

So I sat there, thinking to myself of all creation, the birds, the fish, even trees and flowers. I realized that they were created in such a way that they couldn’t have a “hope for tomorrow”. I know all animals have the primal instinct of survival, but just as humans nothing assures animals or plants of their tomorrow. Somehow they never stop, and give up. If it gets too cold they migrate, if it gets too dry they look for a water source. They literally go through each day as it comes, and they always have a provision. Plants don’t have the advantage of being able to move from place to place according to weather patterns, but they can however “make their own food”, but who’s to say that it will rain to quench them, or that the sun will be out for them? Yet from day to day they keep their roots intact, they don’t wither away at the first taste or waterless soils or a dark sky.
Who was taking care of them?

Here I am, able bodied, given dominion over all creation and yet I still worried about tomorrow. I felt pretty ashamed when all this hit me. I was caused folds and wrinkles in my skin about a future that had long been foretold, I was acting so desperate that it clouded my memory to remember that I had never not once slept on an empty stomach. If that wasn’t bad enough, I failed to appreciate the little that I had because I was thinking of what I could have. Silly me

My name is written in the palm of His hands, He has number every strand and He has never left me stranded. What is it that I think is bigger, that could remove the glimmer of Grace Hes placed me in. He is the same today, the same tomorrow, He always is, was and will be. He is Jehovah Jireh, my provider and life can be such a bliss walking in that bliss. Holding onto this promise that He will supply every need of mine plentifully. If He could feed 5000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, imagine what He will do for you with the crumbs you have.

This love…

When you realize
that love is in more than just books
and poems
the feeling will crucify you
When you realize
that those butterflies in your stomach
were more than that but more like
As lashes on your back that bring you
to your knees to pray for your beloved
When you realize
that you are their King/Queen
your head will be crowned in thorns when your
mind can’t take it eye off them
When you realize
that being torn and scorned for your beloved
will be like getting pricked by a thorn of a rose
worth the beauty
When you realize
That the last breath you breath will never be
your last if it for your beloved surely you will
live on, as two became one, and as three are one
That’s when you know that its love

Embracing our purpose

Consuming fire sweet perfume, His awesome presence fills this place for this is holy ground so come and bow down…Moses
Assigned to take Gods chosen people out of the land of Pharaoh, to a land that God had prepared himself by hand. Did you ever think that God could have released the Israelites from captivity long before Moses appeared, I mean it had been hundreds of years till he appeared. The truth of the matter is that no one but Moses was to do that, non but he had the purpose to set the captives free.
Having grown up thinking he was one person only to find out that he’s another must have been left him in such a state that he killed one he once called his own for one who he now discovered was his own
He grew up privileged, under the roof of Pharaoh, I bet you he never had to think of his future coz it was probably planned out for him.
Sometimes you have to be pulled right out of the life that you thought was right for you to be placed where God wants to use you. Here’s the thing though, God is so strategic, He would never put you in a place if He didn’t want you to learn or achieve something to use in future.

So the story continues, and after his crime Moses flees and starts this whole new life in the desert. While he was tending to his father in laws flock he sees this burning bush, like its on fire, but its burning down. Here come my favorite part of the story… So he goes to check out this burning bush and he finds that God had manifested His presence into a the bush through an angel, and the bush wasn’t enough for the ground around it as well was Holy ground. When Gods presence inhabits you, when it manifests itself through you, your entire surrounding will change, from your friends, colleagues and your life style too. It cant remain on the same level.
God and Moses then have a conversation where God tell him what he would like Moses to do. But Moses was so blinded by his insecurities and his reservations that he couldn’t let himself be used, he tried to refuse what was put in his hands, but here’s the thing if God has given you a mantle, then its yours to wear. Yours alone and with non to share.

Moses was just so blessed, he actually got to physically hear God say this is what I want you to do and this is how you will do it. That’s where most of us fall short, we are so busy running away from pasts or trying to find a purpose of our own to live out that we miss the burning bush in front of us, or we see it but we don’t hear the voice calling for us. We see that burning bush and think its so magnificent a site that I couldn’t possibly be for us. God is calling us for a purpose, for a role that only we can achieve. Aaron went with Moses, but still he couldn’t do what Moses had to do. We let our friends get in our way and undercut us, for things that we are meant to have and they only do it because we let them.

Our purpose is that burning bush that has been put within us, to service a need that only we can cater for. We need but listen out for it, submit and meticulously plan our steps to getting there. Sometimes you have to violently grab what’s yours. We have a predetermined destiny that was written before time line by line for us to now read to the world.

Dear goddess

Dear goddess
when is it that you will realise that
Your body is where God is
and that it is where God lives

Dear goddess
When are you going to realise that
Your body is a temple
And so
Everyone you let in must be there to worship
So why let them in when all they want is to
spoil and plunder from your coughers

Dear goddess your body drips
with melanin richer than the crude oil they fight for in Nija
But still you defile it with salt tears that leave trails
that tell a story

Dear goddess
your body is a beautiful swirl drawn by an artist
who took His time as He number each curl in your hair
who took time to make sure that each curve on you
is fitting to carry nations and generations

Dear goddess
You’ve never been too much or less than enough
you are a standard as you are
you are the epitome of perfection
After you were, its was good and it was finished
You are the first and the last in creation

Dear goddess
Step up to your pedestal
Fix your crown
Respect your body-temple
And adorn yourself with a frown upside down


Full moon magic

There is nothingthat brings my heart comfort like seeing a beautiful, big bright moon. Its one of the few things that reminds me of my mother. it reminds me of home 🙂 It reminds me that no matter where i am, shes always with me.
Mummy would always tell me stories during a full moon, she eventually even started to call me her little star, i guess she knew that she was my moon, and that my shine would only heighten hers.

The sun, moon and stars remind me of God, Christ, and believers.
The moon does not create light of its own, its like a mirror of some sort always reflecting the sun, but they on there course around the earth they have to be apart in order to keep light “shown” all over. In like manner, Christ the only begotten of God had to be separated from His heavenly father, by His father in order to bring light to a world that was  lost in darkness. He is the reflection of God’s glory and the exact likeness of his being (Heb 1v3).
The picture of the moon in the sky is so significant to me, its reminds me of the second coming of Christ when He will be caught up in the sky with the believers. It also reminds me that no matter how high up I go, my glory could never surpass His, that mine would always be to re-reflect Gods glory and remain at His feet.
His strength is made in my weakness, just as a star shines brightest in the darkness.
Its so amazing the small revelations that nature has of the fact that God is, was, and will me. Don’t get distracted by the background music, open yourself to love in its purest form!


Till at His feet we meet

As I sat there in shock
With tears rushing down my cheeks
and my thoughts on halt
a single question creeped into my mind
a question
that let my body shaken and without any right left my fists clenched

Where were you when he gave up ghost…

The same man who had saved lives of many
now couldn’t be saved buy any not even by the shiniest of pennies
There was no one there to answer my question
No one there to make sense of the news I had been told
what I thought was impossible, in fact not allowed
had just happened
I had to accept that I would never see my uncle again
I had to replay every laugh and smile we shared in fear
that I would forget him
forget the man who had unknowingly mentored me into my career choice

As I drowned myself in my tears and as I gasped for breaths between each scream
I felt the strength get knocked out of my bones and I was cast to my knees
At that moment I found function in my knees
I found silence and I found peace

In that moment of silence
I heard the birds singing and the saw trees swinging
I felt the sun shining and felt the wind brush against my face
I realized that I wasn’t alone
I realized I needed but a moment to feel Him and hear Him
I needed be still to realize that creation continued to worship and bend at His feet
I realized that my crying was but for a season

Its at mercy’s seat that again with him I will meet
Where together with my uncle I will cast my crowns at his feet
Better will be one day in your house than thousands elsewhere
For He is the author and finisher of our lives

When on fire…

So last month I was reading Genesis and this month I’ve been lead to study Daniel…its so interesting the similarities I drew from Daniel and Joseph’s characters so far and I’m only in chapter 3.
I just wanted to share something small with you:
In chapter 3 of Daniel there’s this golden image made and everyone has to worship it when music is played from specific music instruments and if you don’t you are thrown in a fiery furnace but these 3 guys Shadrech, Meshach and Abednego were not about that life and so they get reported to the king.
So the king questions them and asks who’s going to save you and they go “we don’t need to answer you in this matter” imagine the boldness to say that to the King! That made me pause and ask myself 3 questions:
1. Who do I answer to
2. Who do I allow to answer when questioned by men I depend on God to manifest His works or do I trust my own wisdom?

At the end of the story they get chucked into the fiery furnace coz the King was angry of course. Buuuuuuut, they came out untouched by the fire! Their clothes and everything was intact. The King sent 3 people inside but he saw 4.

These 3 guys didn’t listen or dance to anyone’s tune, their focus was on God even when they were put in the hooootest of situations!
People will see you as you walk with God, you just have to know His time and stay dancing to it.
Forget what people say, let them see God work. Your life, your testimony.
Fire refines gold!



Dear Dreamer…

I often wonder where dreams come from, and I don’t just mean when you go to bed at night, I mean what we base our aspirations and goals on.

I’ve come to learn that firstly “as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”
Our thought life plays such an important role in molding us, we constantly meditate on thoughts that are with time converted in our habits, and slowly but surely these habits and thoughts point us towards our ambitions.

I’ve also come to become a strong believer in the fact that our highest goals, our biggest dreams, the ones that are most mind blowing were instilled in us. As God has a plan for each and everyone person, He has already put it in us, ours is just to reach it and want it so much that we are willing to work and sacrifice for it.

Sometimes we just get caught up in settling for mediocre, and allowing our present to be a reflection of our pasts, worse even we let other people be the music to which we move to our future. Why do we do that? Why are we so scared of reaching for the moon as if our home is not in the heavens?

In the book of Genesis I have come across two dreams that left my heart stricken in awe! In Genesis 28 we read of Jacobs dream. Jacob literally made his pillow from rocks! I would not have been able to sleep, I mean really, why couldn’t he fold up some clothes or something, but anyway that’s not the point. Point is, God sometimes literally has to put you on a hard spot to reveal His will for your life to you, He will allow you to sleep out alone in the cold of the desert. He will do this and you will learn that at the end of the day its just the two of you, and He’s the one pulling the strings. Jacob then goes on to acknowledge Gods presence in that place, do you even know that God is working in your life for your good? Jacob then makes a pillar from the very rocks that he used as a pillow and poured oil on it. What seemed to have been his discomfort he gave back to the Lord as an offering (that beauty from ashes). God will take you out of your place of discomfort, I hope when you turn back and look your past you will give him the glory.

The second dream I read about was from the most classic of dreamers in the Bible, Joseph. In Gensis 37, he has two dreams showing how he was to rise above his brothers, his family basically. The Bible says after his second dream his family “rebuked him”. Incase you didn’t know to rebuke is to show sharp disapproval or criticism. They didn’t “approve” of his dream, this was just his dream, what more when it manifested?

The people we tell our dreams to can either build or breaks us, it’s important to surround yourself with people who are willing to build and help you in your success. The sad truth is that not everyone wishes you well, and some people just always prefer always having the upper hand. I think sometimes it’s okay to keep your dreams to yourself and blindside them, they don’t always have to see you coming!

God bless!
Keep dreaming, its only day 20 of the new year!

Yours, chimzyatheart


At the cross

When every tear you shed sounds louder than the sounds in your head
When your voice can no longer give to scream
When feet swollen and fallen weak
When your hands are rough and painful from holding on
When your head is spinning faster than any tyre running a tract
When your chambers are out of breath
When your throat is crying in thirst

Look to the top at our master
As each drop of blood hit the ground like a judge declaring his sentence to set you free
As His voice uttered words of justification on your very behalf
As His feet stretched out on your behalf
As His hands were nailed so your nails could be spared
As He so graciously bore the crown of thorns while His flesh it tore
As He gave His last breath like a birthday wish for you
As He drank the bitter drink that you may not be parched but drink from the living waters

His end was your beginning,
If you’re on the ground stay on your knees but don’t stay down
For on the third He rose again to give you Victory